Saturday, March 7, 2009


We did get a little snow on Sunday which made everything look lovely.

We didn't get as much as I was hoping for but I'm not complaining.

The last few days have been wonderfully Spring-like. We have been to the park and outside a lot.

So, now I am ready for Spring to be here and stay.

Abby turned 7 on Wednesday and we had a good time surprising her.

She is my little worry wart. She asked me a bazillion times if I had bought her birthday present yet. Each time I assured her that I had everything under control~she continued to ask a bazillion times more. See~she's a worry wart.

I know this about her and yet I mentioned to her last night that she and her sister have dr appts for their 7yr and 9yr check ups. Oh my word~that sent her to the edge. She told me all evening she wasn't sick and didn't need to go to the doctor and over and over again I told her it was just a check to see how much she weighs and how tall she has gotten.

I should kick myself in the head. If that was actually possible for me to do~which it isn't.

I finally got her fears calmed when 20/20 came on about mean dentists that hold their little patients down and do all sorts of scary things in their mouth.

Here we go again~where was my head last night???

Obviously not attached to my body!!!!!

Did I mention we have cleanings scheduled for Monday?

Yes~we do.

Pray for us.

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