Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Oh, goodness!! It has been over a week since I blogged a post!!!

Shame on me!

Let me give some reasons for the bloggy break:
  • my sister got married Sunday
  • my sister got married Sunday(I thought that needed to be stated twice:~)
  • my parents were in town
  • it's Christmas time
  • I have had two sweet house guests since Saturday~I'm not sure I want to give them up
  • I have been trying to stay warm by snuggling with my hubby every chance I get~except yesterday morning when I temporarily lost my ever-loving mind~can we say PMS!!!!
  • and last but certainly not least~MY SISTER GOT MARRIED ON SUNDAY!!!
So, as you can see I have had quite a bit going on since the last time I posted.

Please forgive me!

Or, not. Whatever.

In other news, I am so glad that we live in the south where even the hint of ice or snow sends people screaming to the grocery store AND makes them forget how to drive.

The kids were supposed to have their Christmas parties at tutorial yesterday and they canceled it. Excuse me? What? And here's the kicker~there was NOTHING on the roads.

Remember one of my reasons for not posting? I'll help you. It had three little letters in it. P.M.S.

That cancellation sent me to the edge considering I had already taken a shower and made about a bazillion pig in a blankets. And, guess what. I ate them ALL. HaHa just kidding. But I wanted to.

Anyway, that is my life for the last week:~)

I will post pictures of the blessed event when JR and Mary get back from their honeymoon. I figured she might want to be the first to show pictures seeing as how it was HER wedding:~)


rmslil said...

When will some pictures be posted?


Jessie said...

Wish we were there!! Glad all turned out well. Miss you guys.
Love ya