Friday, December 19, 2008


Why is everyone walking around talking about how skimpy Christmas will be this year??

So what if we can't overbuy and go in debt this year.

This is not a bad thing.

I was talking to my wonderful sil this evening and we were speaking on this very subject.

Isn't it a good thing that kids learn they don't "need" everything they see?

Isn't it a good thing that we as consumers take a step back and evaluate each purchase?

Isn't it good that we teach our children that less is more and that giving is a GREAT thing?

This will be a great Christmas if we don't give in to the media driven "Woe is us" attitude.

A "skimpy" Christmas~~no, a Christ centered Christmas


Jessie said...

AMEN!! They will be the better for it. Zoie's has voiced more than once that her favorite thing that we do on Christmas is all the kids come in our room before they ever go near the tree and we all read scripture and pray together first.

You're right...not scrimpy Christams but a Christ centered Christmas...just like it should be.

Your Husband said...

what makes it so bad is all these people that think that the Goodwill store is something new and now we have to compete with them for all the good stuff!

Theresa said...

Amen and Amen! My thoughts exactly!