Saturday, May 10, 2008


Here is the car that they had to cut Mike from. It makes my stomach hurt to look at it. I am thankful that he wasn't killed. There are more things I am thankful for but when I look at this picture all I can think is~He could have been killed, Thank God he wasn't.

Mike and Shelby during his 3 week hospital stay. That bed was his arch nemesis ~ He HATED that thing!!!

Trevor, Mike, and our surprise guest for graduation. My brother surprised us by flying here to be with us on this wonderful day. It was such a great thing for him to do. We appreciated it so much. Thanks to Jessie for sacrificing her time with him for our sakes~again. We love you!!!
Our Family~together, thankful, and blessed! Totally!!!!

Our baby giving her Daddy a kiss.


Theresa said...

I am so glad to see all of you! Congrats Mike! We think and pray for you all everyday. Thanks for giving us a glimpse in your world these past few weeks.
We love you more than we could ever begin to say.


Anonymous said...

OHHHH JEN! In the midst of all the other turmoil I forgot it was Mike's graduation year. How wonderful that he was able to participate. I am so proud of him.


Jessie said...

I am sooo glad that Jeremy was able to fly out. I prayed fervently for God to provide a way for him to be out there with you guys. It was a privilege and honor for him to see Mike graduate and be able to celebrate with you guys! We love you very much and are so thankful that Mike was able to be there for the graduation. I'll give you a call this week to check up on everyone :)

I sent the girls' Barbies in the mail yesterday! They should get it soon :)