Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have a little sick doodle bug. Abby has a nasty cold and she woke us up at 4 this morning. I gave her some fever reducer and rubbed Baby Vick's vapor rub on her feet. I accidentally got some between her toes because it was, after all, 4 in the morning.

She did not like this at all and has since decided to not let me come within 2 feet of her with the stuff. She says, "Mom, I do not like that stuff between my toes.

She and I stayed home from church because we are courteous that way. The whole 24 hours fever free has stuck with me from my wonderful days working daycare. Which I hated, by the way!!

This is what my daughters looked like yesterday while out doing errands. Their dad had pulled out the Disney memento tub and they wanted to wear their hats. It was funny because people thought we had just come back from Disney World and we didn't have the gumption to tell them we went almost a year ago. We just laughed to ourselves.

Which brings me to this picture. We were going to buy a picture frame at Disney to put one of our pictures in but we didn't. I had it in the back of my mind to get one sometime when we were at the Disney store but it never was a priority. I am glad we waited because my lovely husband found this one at the thrift store in mint condition for $3.99. People, this frame still had the Disney price tag on it and some poor soul paid a whopping $20.00 for it. Sad for them, happy for me that they decided to get rid of it. Maybe their trip wasn't all that remember able but our was. So thank you Mr. or Ms. Frame Donator. (BTW-donator is a word despite what my computer says!!)

I will leave you with this wonderful work of art. I found it on the camera and Shelby confessed that it was taken by Trevor. It looks like a flower to me and for some reason I like it. I am glad he took the initiative to photograph his apple peeling and apple wedging ability. Does he have too much time on his hands? No way!! His schedule is more full than mine:~) I think he just saw beauty where there was some. Shhh~~don't tell him I told you that. He might not take anymore pictures like this if I tell him it is pretty.

Oh, one more thing, this secret I mentioned here.

It's not about anyone being pregnant. It is about another life changing event but not that kind. I have to be quiet now. Very quiet.

Hope ya'lls Monday is fabuloso!!!


Julie said...

okay, you got me...not pregnant...ummmmm...I'm guessing adoption??? It's gotta be about a new kid of some sort!!! LOL!
Julie (Blake)

Anonymous said...

First of all tell abby i hope she feels better second of all that picture frame is way cool it looks brand new third that pic trevor took is awesome and last but not least don't forget we are going out in 2 weeks!!!! Tell everyone I said hello and I love them!!! Love ya sis!!!

Jessie said...

Well I can't wait until the cat can come out of the bag. It is killing me! Tell Abby I hope that she feels better and that we love her! Happy Monday!

Julie said...

Hey Jen, Why can't you tell anyway???? Now it's really killin' me! I'm gonna call Jessie and FORCE her to tell!!!LOL! JUlie

Theresa said...

Yeah! I'm dying to know, too! I hope you are doing well. I've been praying for you. Hope Ab's is feeling better and no one else gets sick. Trev is talented!

Love you bunches!
"All I know for sure is that God is good, all the time."