Monday, February 4, 2008


There are lots of tears here this afternoon. We have received a series of calls telling us they have called off Tutorial tomorrow.

There is a lot of sickness going around so they have decided to crush my girls by not having school:~)

Abby cried big, fat tears and said, "Why can't we go to school, Mommy? I want to go see Mrs. Caldwell." Oh, the sadness of it all.

Shelby is mad because she wanted to play with her "girls" and do more poetry.

Trevor, on the other hand, is NOT sad at all. His writing class is kicking his butt and he is glad that he will have a week of reprieve.

Anyway, I am off to dry tears and make things better with corn on the cob.(Abby's absolute favorite food in the whole entire world.)

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Jessie said...

Hey sis. It's your bro. I just wanted to say I love you and we miss you VERYYY much. Tell every one I love them.