Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We went to a New Year's Day party at a friend's house and she had gotten a roaster for Christmas. She was cooking two chickens in it for the party. I had wondered whether it would be a good investment because, after all, I have a crock pot that I LOVE!

She said she loved her new roaster and thought it was real nice to cook in. I filed her comments in the back of my mind and went on enjoying the party.

We went to Target the next week to get the kitty litter we use.(Only Target sales it:~b) We were cruising the clearance end caps and Mike was looking at the waffle irons that we have yet to replace. Right across the aisle was the roasters. There were some on sale but none lower than $40 dollars. That was NOT in my price range.

We went around the corner and there on the end cap was a roaster with a little red tag on it. I bent down to look at it and it said $14.98!!!!! Oh my goodness, put it in the cart!! That IS in my price range!!

We took it to the register with our kitty litter and the cashier rang us up. The roaster rang up for $41.98. I pointed the clearance tag out to the clerk and said I thought that was the clearance price. She said, " That is what the tag says" and she changed the price in the register. I got that roaster for $14.98!!!

Mike and I were talking and we think someone made a mistake when they were tagging those roasters. The cashier said we get it for the price on the tag. The original price was $59.99!!!!!

I have cooked in it to take dinners to help minister to others. I have cooked in it to bless my family. Chicken and roast are delicious cooked in it and I had no idea you can bake in it. I just wanted to share this blessing I received and that I have been able to bless others with my blessing.


Jessie said...

That is really cool. Let me know how it works out. Maybe I'll invest in one one of these days...seeing as I broke my crockpot!

Anonymous said...

What a great deal!

*carrie* said...

Yay! I love stuff like that. Great deal, Jen!