Friday, October 5, 2007


This is Debbie and I at the Deeper Still Event. We had a blast! She is one of me best buddies!

Here are the girls on their first day of tutorial. I could just eat them up. They were so excited and they love, love, love it!!

This is Shelby's "girls" the first day. There are only two boys in the class. I can imagine the drama that goes on with all these girls. Pray for the boys!!

This is Abby in her class the first day. She was all about coloring her picture.

Trevor goofing off during a never ending Parcheesi game!! Shelby and I FINALLY tied!! When I say it was never ending I am saying it was almost two hours long! We play to win around here so we kept blocking and sending everyone back to home. We are relentless! (in a good way:~)

Mike and Shelby posing during the cut throat game! We had to stop and take pictures, of course!

Abby singing a song from the Christmas play. She is practicing her solo.

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We've sent you two e-mails regarding the swap and have not received a reply. Could you please check your junk/spam folder? If we don't receive your questionnaire by tomorrow night, we will not be able to match you with a partner.