Thursday, August 30, 2007


stuffed up animals." That is what Abby asked me to do last night when we were getting ready to make a house out of pillows. She had to draw out the plans on a piece of paper before we could start building. Her and Shelby have taken the cushions off the couch this week more times than I can count.

Shelby had her first Musical Beginnings class today and she loved it. While I was waiting on her, I was talking to one of the ladies that work at the school.

A new building is being built and we are excited about it.

Anyway, she was saying that when they were digging to build the retaining wall at the street, the workers discovered that the wiring for "THE" red phone line to the White House runs right in front of the new building site.

Therefore, they had to route all the other wiring and water pipes and everything around this important bundle of wires.

I started thinking about this little tidbit of info. First, we live 15 hours or more from Washington, D.C. so it is incredible to me that "THE" red phone line actually runs underneath our fair city.

Plus, you would think that it would be some kind of top secret breech of something or other to know that "THE" red phone line runs underneath our fair city.

Wouldn't it?

I don't know.

But, if you come to this blog tomorrow and everything is wiped clean with no traces of noodle nest you will know that it most certainly was a top secret breach of security and I have been kidnapped and my memory erased.

Just so you know.

In case this blog is hijacked.

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Resa said...

Your blog is still here. I hope your memory of me hasn't been erased yet! Aren't I selfish, just worrying about me? I'm glad you started school, we did too. It was a hard week, and I pray next week is better!

Love you!