Friday, June 22, 2007


The girls have been going to VBS all week. It was at the church where we USE to attend MOPS. (notice the emphasis on use to!! I can't believe we have graduated!!)

They have had the best time!! They learned new songs, did crafts, played, ate, and had a ball.

It was a nice week and we are glad that we had the opportunity to go.

But, I am glad next week will be slower and not as crazy. Don't get me wrong, it has been nice to have 3 and a half hours to spend with Mike, Trevor, and Ruthie on different days. We just like to have some down time after such a busy week.

The kids and I are planning our trip to go see family in two weeks. We are so excited to take 3 weeks and go see lots of family and friends!! I am already making lists in my head and trying to decide what we would need to take.

Okay this is my 91th post only eight more to go before my 100th post. You know, the hundred things about me post. How in the world am I going to come up with 100 things about myself!!! I think I need to start making a list for that post:~)

Have a great weekend!!!

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