Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'M BACK, I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to all the 5 people who read this blog. We got home on Monday and had house guests come in yesterday. So~we have been busy unpacking and stuff.

We dropped Trevor off for camp on Monday after spending the night with my Nanny.

About vacation, WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!! The trip down went well, the camping was great, the parks were fabulous, the trip back was tedious but okay. We are glad to be home, but it was an AWESOME vacation.

The girls travel well and they rode tons of rides. I was a little worried about taking a teenager and two little girls. Will they have fun together? Will they be able to do some of the same things? I shouldn't have worried!!! We were able to ride almost everything together and the things that Abby couldn't ride(two or three at the most) we just took turns.

I am glad we took so many days to do all the things we wanted to do. I have lots to tell but I will have to post an entry later. I will leave you with a couple of pictures from our great vacation!!!

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