Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Place for Quiet TIme

Over on Beth Moore's blog she asks about a favorite place to spend time with the Lord. She tells about her patio and how she loves to sit and have her quiet time there. My favorite spot to have my quiet time is my dining room table.

I love to spread my books out and write in my notebook! I love fresh, clean pages and how I love to write on them. I love to use great pens that write smoothly and writing as much as I want. When I get up in the morning I open all the shades in the kitchen and living room. I love the morning light streaming in.

Where do you like to spend your quiet time with the Lord? What motivates you to seek a closer relationship with Him? Leave a comment and share.

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Resa said...

ME too! We are more a like all the time! I have a notebook that I journal in to the Lord. I guess it's like our love notes back and forth. I sit at the dining room table and a cup of coffee, read from the Bible, pray, sing, whatever and wherever the Lord leads. It is my favorite time and I miss it when I don't make time for it. It's just not the same as praying at my bed before the day starts. I will trade sleep for my time with Him alone, then catch a nap if I need to...gotta have time for my "homework" (that's scriptural too, you know) :)