Monday, April 2, 2007

My Shelby's 7th Birthday!!

Shelby's Birthday was Friday. I can't believe my first daughter is 7. She is a gift from God. We tried for 5 years to have another baby before she came along. She is the one I prayed long and hard for. She is the one I thought we would never have.

When I got pregnant with her I worked for an OB/GYN and I saw pregnant women day in and day out. I wanted another child but we just couldn't seem to get pregnant. We finally decided to put our energy to use some where else because I was being consumed by it.

We started taking foster parenting certification classes. We enjoyed those classes and we got certified. We waited and waited to have a child placed with us and when it happened we were thrilled. This little 3 yr old boy was so sweet. He had a lot of health problems and he had been abused but he was just a sweetie pie.

A couple of weeks after he was placed with us I found out I was pregnant with Shelby. We were thrilled! We had a ball with him and we would have kept him, but his great aunt and uncle wanted to take him and they were great people. Social Services decided to place him with his family. We were thankful for the opportunity to have at least a few months with this special little boy.

Shelby is a wonderful little girl with lots of personality and heart. She can't stand to see anyone hurt or upset. When someone is crying she gets a tissue and brings it to them and hugs them to make them feel better. She is smart and funny. She, her sister, and brother get along good and that is a blessing.

We are glad God gave her to us. It is a privilege to be her parents. She is special.

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