Monday, April 9, 2007

Baby, It Ain't 21!!! (Thank God!!)

Today is my 34th Birthday.

Let's face it I am at the age that marketing people don't really care about. Unless you are 18-34 they could really care less what you buy. Do I care about that? Not in the least!! I have been the type of person that finds a thing that works and sticks with it~no matter what the trend.

I look at my kids and smile. I look at my hubby going off to school and smile. I look in the mirror and smile. Not because I am perfect or because they are. I just feel more at home in my skin than I have in a long time.

Abby looked at me this afternoon, while sitting on the potty, and said, "Mommy the most favorite part of the day was when me and Shelby played superhero. She is Super Kick and I am Shrinky Dink. We are going to make a movie!!!" She makes me laugh! That is a good day for you!!!!

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Resa said...

Happy Birthday! I hate it that I never remember birthday's! Just know, that despite my lack of mental sharpness, I love you dearly and hope that you had a wonderful day!