Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anybody up for Scrabble Junior?

We got Scrabble Junior recently and I felt very confident that I could beat anyone that dared to play with me! Shelby and I played on Monday and let me say, it's harder than you think. It is a fun game that is a little different than regular Scrabble.

There are words already on the board and you have to use 2 tiles for each turn. You have to start a word with the first letter until you can put the last letter on the board and win a token. We have had fun playing this game, even Mike and I played by ourselves!

We thought we would use this game as a spelling game for school and we have all been able to enjoy it. Even Abby is spelling the words on the board. She is so proud of herself!

Today we made the payment that will take us to Disney in May. We are saving money by camping and taking a lot of our own food. We have been pinching some pennies,but still, I think I am going to be sick, that is all!:~)

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