Wednesday, March 28, 2007


They went with me to take Trev to music lessons and they talked their heads off. There were some teenage girls in the waiting area at the school and my girls told them our whole life story in one hour.

These girls were so sweet and they listened to all my little girls had to say. They were the such nice young ladies. They were home schooled and after the older finished talking to my girls she talked to me.

I was able to ask her lots of questions about what she thought about homeschooling and how her school day went. She was very, very interesting to talk to. She was very well mannered and kind. It was nice.

They have a pig and some chickens and I tried not to envy them too much. I told her I really want some chickens and I wouldn't mind having a pig. I told her about growing potatoes in a garbage can and she told me about growing a garden in a 4 foot squared piece of dirt!

I had a great conversation with a 17 year old about some good stuff. I so enjoyed my afternoon.

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