Monday, March 26, 2007

Lots of BIG Money....

is what I am expecting to pay when we get our van back this week. We dropped it off at the service center this morning and when they asked Mike what they needed to check on it, it seemed like the list was a mile long.

Oh, it's still running but the lights lit up on the dashboard look like landing lights for a 747. No kidding! When the man took down the list he looked at Mike and said, "Is that all?" Mike looked at me expectantly and I thought I surely hope so!!!

They haven't called yet today so it makes me nervous. Maybe the call will come tomorrow. Thankfully, we have another vehicle so there is minimal inconvenience. I get so apprehensive when we make the drop off because all I can see is dollar signs. I always think it is going to be so expensive that if it is less than a thousand dollars I am relieved.

I always think that my hubby can fix anything so I think he can fix the van until he says I have no idea what it is. I say, " Are you sure?" like he is pulling my leg or something! He has done major repairs on our cars before~putting in a transmission, starters, all kinds of stuff but when he says I have no idea I know it is serious. Plus, he doesn't have time to do all that now with school and work.

Lots of BIG Money!! Yep, that will probably cover it!!!

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