Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our Red Hot Piggies!!!

My lovely 1st daughter and I did each others piggies and it was so fun! We thought the red was a great color for the month of February~~you know, it being the love month and all!!! I love having daughters!


Toni said...

That's spooky! I NEVER paint my toenails red, but I DID yesterday! Freaky! they look fabulous!

Resa said...

Awesome piggies! My girls love it when we paint toenails too.
I checked out that blog it is so sad. I hope I could be like that if I were in her shoes. I did dream one time that I watched my parents pick out my coffin. It was weird. It is so touching how people have poured love and prayers into her blog comments. It is nice to know that we are apart of a bigger family of faith!