Friday, February 23, 2007

Being Real

I just went over to my friend's blog and she had posted about being real with others. I can be really real with some people, one of them being the friend whose blog I was reading. We have shared things from mysterious rashes to female issues to anything else women go through!

Sometimes, though, I have a hard time opening up about things if I feel I may be judged harshly by the person I am talking too. Being real is what we should be as Christians because folks that aren't can spot fakes a mile away.

I will never forget one Sunday morning in church my husband was leading the music and he felt lead to share about God's grace and mercy in our lives. He talked about how we had our son before we got married and how God had used it for His glory. He said other things but I remember that part the most because at the end of the service another couple that had been coming for quite some time approached us. The wife said that they had gotten married when she was a couple of months pregnant and that they felt in bondage to that.

She said that it felt good that they were not alone and that God could use them. We don't know what kind of things that people are carrying around sometimes because we can't be real and share our struggles. We probably never would have connected to that couple if Mike had not been open and shared.

I feel when I am transparent I am more at peace with myself. I know that I have missed opportunities to minister because I wasn't willing to open up and share myself. If you have ever been hurt by a close friend you know how hard it is to be vulnerable and let people in. When we moved a state and a half away from our family and friends it was hard to open up to new people in our new church.

It was literally PHYSICALLY painful to go to a new church knowing all of the people we loved were meeting together and we couldn't be there. Those are the times God stretches us and makes us more pliable for His guidance. You can either harden against the pain or let God work in the pain. At times, I have chosen to fight against it and at other times I have let God work. I recommend letting God work because fighting is dangerous.

When I read my friend's post I knew where she was coming from because we have been friends for years. I just pray that we will all be the open and honest Christians we should be. I keep thinking of that old quote from somebody, "You may be the only Bible someone ever reads."

Think about all the stories Christ told. He was all about sharing struggles and showing people what others go through. May I mention when Satan tempted Him. He didn't have to tell us about that, but He did so we would know we are not alone. He knows what we struggle with and we can count on Him to help us.

Thanks, Resa, for provoking this healthy look at being real!!

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