Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Okay, so.........

my parents and sister are on their way here and should arrive around 10 pm or so!! Am I excited?? You bet your sweet bippy I am excited!!! I still have some cleaning to do but other than that I am so ready for my parents and sister to get here.

I am glad I get to spend all day with them tomorrow and talk to my Mom till we forget what we have talked about and start repeating things that we have already said. I can't wait for the kids to absolutely fall over themselves to get to their Grandma and Grandpa!! Can you tell I am excited?

Mike has to work two more nights and then we go away!! Away, meaning gone from the house and sleeping in a bed I don't have to make, eating out of dishes I don't have to wash (by hand, I might add, NO dishwasher at our house). A friend of ours asked if I would be calling and checking on the kids and I said, " Do I have to?" She probably thought I was kidding!

I am so totally ready for this trip and I am not worried in the least about the kids. Come on, I mean they are going to be in the capable hands of the parents that raised ME!!! My kids will look up from what they are doing when we get home and say "NO, IT'S NOT BEEN LONG ENOUGH!! GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!!!"

My Mom said she brought her sewing machine and lots of material so these girls are going to be busy helping Grandma make curtains for their room. Also, she is making Abby a dress from the movie White Christmas, you know, the dress that Judy wears when she is dancing with Wallace when they are outside on the dock. Abby loves that dress and she asked my Mom to make it for her, so that is what they will be working on~along with the bonding and snuggling.

I probably won't be posting again until after the weekend. I will post as soon as I get a chance and let you know how the get away went.


Toni said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! And I hope the kids enjoy their time w/ the grandparents!

Anonymous said...

i can sense your excitement, hope your love weekend was unforgettable.