Sunday, January 28, 2007

We Have The Yucks!!

My youngest and I have had the yucks all weekend. We started out with fevers on Friday night and it has continued through today. We sent Dad, oldest, and middle to church this morning, curled up together, and read books. I got a burst of energy and put one of the revival cds in and cleaned the girls' room. Now, I have hit a wall so I am going to crawl up on the couch. I slept A LOT yesterday and it has helped.

I am glad this happened on the weekend so that hubby could be home to take care of me. Ds has been very helpful, too! Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend!


zjjllb said...

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Toni said...

Hope you two feel better soon- I hate it when I get sick- takes much longer now to recoup!