Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Summer Plans And Other Drivel..........

The son found out that his summer camp that he absolutely can't miss is the week after we get back from Disney AND his music camp is the week after that. SO~~~ let's put this in perspective~we will be gone for something like 12 days to Disney then the day we get back he has to pack for camp. Then~~ he comes home on Saturday and gets packed for music camp on Monday. That is almost a month of traveling for this kid!!! That is a lot of running.

The stress for me is getting school done before Disney because let's face it we are NOT going to want to go back to hitting the books after that trip. Besides, from the looks of things the son is not going to have time to do anything after May 24th.

On a much more selfish note~ it is exactly 3 weeks til the BIG VALENTINE GET AWAY!!!!!!!!! Can you tell that I am EXCITED?????? I just can't wait to have my honey all to myself for 3 WHOLE DAYS!!! And when I say whole days, I mean 3 whole days. We are leaving as soon as Dh gets home from work on that Thursday morning at 7 am and I am hoping not to return til LATE Saturday night!

We are going to use the gift card that the son gave us for Christmas to eat out on. We are going to shop for the bedroom decorating project. BUT, most importantly, we are going to sleep late and do WHATEVER we want!!!

You know, couples need time alone together to stay a couple. I can't remember the last time we had a WHOLE 3 DAYS to ourselves and that is bad. We are long overdue for a weekend getaway.

Tonight is the last night of revival and it has been so good. The Pastor that is preaching is awesome. This is the first time that I have heard him speak and I will be visiting his church website and listening to his sermons. He has been preaching "where we live" ( to steal a phrase from our pastor). Meaning, his messages are pertinent to what we go through on a daily basis. I am glad I made a commitment to go every service.

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Toni said...

What a busy time your son will have! Have fun on your getaway- hubby and I are planning to take one in late Feb or early March- Probably just overnight though- Nothing as spectacular as yours! We have to impose on friends to keep the kids, clesest family is 4 hours away.