Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Some of Our Goals

These are some of our family goals for 2007:

* DH and I are going on a romantic getaway in February!!!
* We are going on a family vacation to Disney World in August
We're goin' ta Di-ney World! We're goin' ta Di-ney World!!!
* We are going to enjoy school more!!
* We are going to be more organized!!

We are a work in progress, people!! Rome wasn't built in a day, ya know!! We are trying to be more Christ like and less our old, natural selves. Trying here, just plugging along and trying not to fall! That is us this beginning of 2007.

I have started a new book study: Twelve Extraordinary Women and I am just inching through the first chapter and reading as much as I can absorb in 30 to 40 minutes. Again, work in progress!

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