Thursday, January 4, 2007


Okay~~ so we are maybe changing our family vacation to May instead of August because we think it might work out better AND we are excited to go!! The only thing is we have got to save money like mad people on a mission! Which is not a bad thing but we are not famous for having a great saving capability! We are determined to go so that is the motivation!!!

On to a different topic~My Dh and I have been out of school for 15 years and we haven't had a reunion yet. I got an e-mail from my friend Becky, she graduated with us, that said they might be planning an informal reunion. I have been reflecting on this reunion thing since I read the e-mail and I have come up with two things I think about a reunion. 1- I am not the least bit curious to know what people I graduated with are doing except maybe a couple of girls my husband had a crush on, LOL! 2-The two people that I love the most that we graduated with are two of our bestest friends in the whole world so we don't need a reunion to see them. Correct me if I am wrong but aren't reunions just for finding out who married who and got a divorce, who got fatter after high school ( I would fit in that category!!), who has kids, who is the most successful, who has gotten bald, who is the overachiever, who died, who is gay, etc-etc-etc. No thank you, no thank you, no thank you!!! My Dh says he would go if they had awards like in high school. LOL! I just can't see driving 12 hours back home to see people that really don't interest me in the least. Unless, it coincided with an already planned trip home. HHMMM~that might not be so bad. Now if they serve steak and shrimp cocktail I am there!!

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