Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Do you see me? I'm in Julia Childs kitchen.
She invited me to come over and cook for her:)

I've been meaning to get back on here for weeks. The motivation, it has eluded me.

So much has happened since I was on here last. Let me just get this out there right now: my son's wedding is 39 days away~~~~HELLO????? Did you hear me?? 39 very short days away.

I'm in stunned silence. You can't really tell that because I am typing instead of talking but believe me when I tell you. I am speechless.

There have been field trips planned and executed. There have been craft projects planned and some of them executed. There have been great Skype sessions with son and soon to be daughter in law.

We joined the Y again. We've missed our beloved Y in Nashville but we have found one here that is quite acceptable. Not the Arlington Y because that place was just a joke. A really bad joke.

I've had some down times in the past month. Loneliness is a hateful companion and she doesn't leave even when she is totally unwanted.

This will be confusing and make sense to no one but Mike and I but I had an alert on the phone go off on Saturday that threw me for a loop. I have no recollection of putting it on there but I certainly know it's on there now. Sometimes things that happen in life is just absolutely the pits.
I would say something much stronger but I'm afraid it might be too much for some of you:)

Uhh~39 days. Unbelievable.

My girls are so funny. They do something daily that just makes me smile and feel blessed that I'm their Mom.

I've had a request for meatloaf so I'm off to make one.

Til next time.



Anonymous said...

I love to read this. Have a good week. We love you. You know what that means in 39 days my GRANDSON is getting married. WOW


rmslil said...

You know I am only a phone call, email or text away.