Monday, May 16, 2011


Ok~so I'm already over my limit of internet. I told Mike I would be back over to the house in 20 minutes and it's already been 30 but I need to blog. I have the blogging itch. Yes, it's real and the only relief is to blog.

I went out to get lettuce at the corner European Foods market this evening and I got lost. Not even kidding. It took me over 20 minutes to get back to where I needed to the CORNER my house. Click on the name and you will see exactly where I was going:)

We went to the National Air and Space Museum at Dulles on Friday. Amazing...if you like that kind of thing...which we do. FIELD TRIP!!! YAhoo!!

Our service was great Sunday and I hope I never, I repeat, NEVER get tired of hearing my husband preach God's Word.

We have some plans for this week that I know the girls will love. I'll write about those after they happen.

Oh and guess what???? I took me TWO weeks to get a library card. I can't believe it took that long. But, the girls and I are properly carded now. Funny story, the girls checked out 2 movies from the library and when we got home they wanted to watch them but couldn't get the cases open. I said you guys are weaklings bring me them stinkin' cases. I tried with my superhuman strength and could not get those dumb things open. Upon closer examination I realized that the little lock on the case meant they were indeed locked. Back in the car we go. We got back to the library while lots of people were coming out.....they were closing...we had 5 minutes to get those bad boys unlocked and back out the door. We did it...with 3 minutes to spare. Note to self~always make sure the little electronic lock is green and open before leaving the library with DVDs.

Oh, I didn't even get to the part about breaking down at the DMV and waiting 3 hours for the tow truck. Which, btw, was worth it because Mike was able to encourage the tow truck driver about his marriage and invite him to our church:)

My time is way gone. Gotta fly. Love you all. Bye~bye:)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Mike's office

Church Sanctuary

I have been unpacking boxes and unpacking boxes~okay, just remember when I was packing boxes and reverse it.

We have been settling in slowly. Mike actually went to a VDOT community meeting tonight. He said it was about some intersection in the neighborhood that they wanted to expand. He met some of the people that were there.

The girls and I walked to 2, yes 2, parks this evening while Mike was at the meeting. It is so nice to live in a neighborhood. I reminded the girls that they have been praying to live in a neighborhood for a couple of years now. God answered their prayers.

God also answered my prayers today. My pastor's wife in Nashville, Linda, had tests today on a supposed tumor on her pancreas but they could not find it!!!! Praise be to God!!!!

My Dad has an appointment in June to see about having an ablation on his heart so that he will not continue to have the A-fib episodes he has been having.

The girls and I started back doing lessons yesterday and it feels good to have some routine.

I have to come to the church to use the internet so I guess I should get back over to the house and...........unpack a box or 2.