Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Thanksgiving Day

Our day started out with Mike having to go to Walgreens because somehow...ahem...I left my bag of toiletries at home. In fact, I had a major meltdown the night before when I realized I didn't have my trusty, fake blue leather Winnie the Pooh bag that I have carried out of town with us for many years.

While he was out finding me a round brush, deodorant, and hair care products, my sister came to see us at the hotel. Then, we went to Jessie's house so I could make the Blueberry Delight that Trevor requested. We were able to spend some time with them and then we headed to Jessie's brother's house for Thanksgiving dinner.

It was great. They had a wonderful spread of food. Everything was delicious. We were thrilled to spend another Thanksgiving with the Williamson family. After dinner, we headed out to a field for a game of touch football.
John (Jessie's Dad), Matt (Jessie's brother), Daniel (Jessie's cousin), Trevor, and Jessie with Zadie
This picture makes me laugh because Jessie is holding Zadie like she's the football:)

Shelby, Abby, Justin (Jessie's oldest brother), Stephanie (Justin's wife), and Luke (Jessie's brother)

After the big game we came inside to hear some good music. Jessie's family is very talented so they played some good stuff.

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