Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There is a good reason for all this silence here on the blog. I've been busy...and lazy. I would say equal parts of both mixed in with a little melancholy.

Anyway, I have neglected this blog long enough and so I am back. For how long? Not sure. Just enjoy it while it lasts.

We have had a pretty busy summer with people visiting. Which I love, by the way. Celebrating. Which, again, I love. Working. That I don't love but it's necessary.

We went on a weekend trip to surprise my Daddy for his 60th birthday on May 30th. We had a real blast. It was so much fun that we came away vowing to do it again soon. It was just....great. Mike was unable to go with us but he will go the next time I'm sure.

We had our nieces & nephews come and stay with us for a few days(see picture up top:) and WOW that was very fun. We ate watermelon, visited the White House, rode the Metro, played in the water, watched movies, laughed, ate popcorn, walked to get ice cream, made pizza, and lots more.

Trevor and Jessie came for their vacation and we had a blast. Did lots and lots of stuff. I'll write about it later.

The girls went to camp for a week and Mike & I had a week to ourselves. Some of that I can't write about.

More to come I promise. Stick with me here. Oh, and btw, the post before this one that never showed up. My phone wouldn't let me finish it then I forgot about what I had dreamed. So pathetic:)

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