Tuesday, January 4, 2011

04 JAN

I got a lot of stuff rumbling around in my head tonight.

In no particular order:

Mike not sleeping

My new to-do lists

Reading through the Bible in 90 days


Cursive handwriting

Why I ate spicy soup when I know it's gonna make me have indigestion

Where is my motivation to pack away these Christmas decorations

Mars, the planet not the candy bar

My friend's grandfather

My mother in law's HUGE kidney stone

Snow, forecast for tomorrow

Can I get through the rest of the week with no kitchen trash bags

When will someone come cut up the tree in the front yard so these scary looking men will stop coming by to give me their tree service business cards

My friend who needs a job like NOW

Should I cut my hair

Should I color my hair

When can Mike and I plan a get away SOON

Why did I forget to call my sister in law back

A beloved mentor that is dying of cancer

His precious wife and family

These thoughts plus many others are rolling around like marbles in my head tonight.

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