Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Man, oh man! Is is hot or what? We have been hunkered down with the shades pulled and the air conditioner running nonstop. I can't wait to see what the power bill will be in July. We ventured out from our summer hibernation last night to go to the library, Publix, and Costco.

I know, exciting, right?

It doesn't take much to excite me these days as long as it involves a/c and something cold to eat.

We received a 30 day free trial to Costco and we decided to venture in there to have a looky lou and see what they have~compared to Sam's Club.

We were members of Costco back in Va. but here in Tn Sam's Club was right down the street so we have been a member there for 7 years. When the Costco opened up a couple of years back we just continued at SC because we are creatures of habit. Why fix it if it ain't broke? After last night I think the grass has been greener on the other side because while SC has stuff that we are use to buying, Costco has new and exciting stuff.

One thing in particular that I fell in love with is the ice cream bar dipped in chocolate THEN rolled in nuts that they sell at the snack bar. OH SWEET NUTTY GOODNESS!!!! And get this~it cost $1.50~one hundred and fifty pennies. That big hunk of ice creamy, chocolate, nutty deliciousness made me want to slap myself.

If you've never had one~I'm so, so sorry. I really am.

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rmslil said...

We just came back from Costco. No ice cream though. We have memberships to Sams, COstco and BJ's. BJ's is more convenient but more expensive but their packages are broken down for a household. COstco carries different things than Sams. Havnt been to Sams in a long, long time because I hate that part of NN. I will go to Chesapeake first.