Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yesterday was a pretty typical Monday.

School, catching up on house work, and other stuff.

Before I took Shelby to practice for Select Singers, we went by The Krogers and picked up some Primroses and took them to an older couple in our church.

He has been battling prostate cancer and has been ill from the effects of chemo since Wednesday. He is feeling much better than he was and we are thankful for that.

We went to try and bring a little sunshine to their day but we came away brightened ourselves. They gave the girls candy and let them pick up a grocery bag full of pine cones.

The girls and I didn't get home from practice til almost 7. Thankfully, I had already put a roast in the crock pot and set the table before we left because we were all starving when we walked in the door

You know it's cold when Miss Kitty camps out by the heater ALL day long.

Today was tutorial day for the girls. Mike and I had our date at the thrift stores and we got 4 more CDs. This time they were 50 cent!! We picked up this one and a few others. We have listened to this before but it is so good. It is a story about Beethoven and has lots of good information on it. We also found a Casting Crowns Christmas CD~brand new.

Abby decided to eat some blackberries and make a science project in the process. She got two bowls and mushed up the berries in both. Then, she out sugar in one and salt in the other. She conducted taste tests and believe it on not the one with salt wasn't bad at all. In fact, it tasted like salad dressing~kinda like a vinaigrette.

We had tilapia for supper and I tried my hand at mashed cauliflower. It turned out pretty good and 2 of my kids gobbled it up. The only thing I think I'll change is the recipe said you could throw a couple spoonfuls of instant potatoes in them for texture. I'd like to see how they would turn out and taste using them.

The weather forecast says it's supposed to be near 40 tomorrow and Thursday it's may get to 50. I think we may plan some outside time if it gets that warm.

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rmslil said...

i made mashed cauliflower a few weeks ago for the first time, lil buttter, milk and pepper, it was delish