Saturday, November 7, 2009


We went to a Holiday Crafts Festival today and I am now ready for Christmas.

I didn't buy anything Christmasy I bought Thanksgiving stuff but they were playing Christmas music and it smelled like Christmas.

There was a booth set up that I loved. They had childrens clothes and they were adorable.

While I was browsing a lady that was working the booth came up and started talking to me.

She pointed to a lady sitting there and told me that all the proceeds made were going to her for a domestic adoption.

We left the booth and finished our "look at everything first and then decide what you're going to buy" manuvers:)

When we got back to that booth I looked at Mike with tears in my eyes and a catch in my throat and told him I thought we should buy something. He called me tender hearted and told me to buy something.

When I picked out what I wanted the woman that was adopting took my information because she would have to mail my purchases to me.

She said that the baby they are adopting will be born in January and they had just decided two weeks ago to have this booth.

All those precious things had been sewn by those women in two weeks to bring home a precious child,

I left that booth thankful that I, in some small way, had a part in bringing that baby home to it's forever mother.

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rmslil said...

You know I would have given my last dollar to that booth.Adoption is my fvorite subject.