Saturday, September 12, 2009


Fireweed in Denali National Park
The honey made from this flower is delicious!

In honor of my 300th post I will tell you 300 things about me.

Just kidding!!!

I will tell you some things about my life right now~
  • We are enjoying Mike's last semester of college~the only class he has at the college is on Monday night. The other two classes are weight training and research with his professor so they are pretty flexible.
  • The girls are loving their tutorial class. They have dressed up twice-Abby as an Indian and Shelby as a pioneer woman.
  • Trevor is having a difficult time with his car and work. It is hard to watch your child learn hard lessons.
  • We are still praying and seeking the Lord's guidance about Alaska. We are looking forward to moving ahead with plans.
  • Fall can't get here soon enough~bring on the cooler weather withOUT mosquitoes!!!
  • I LOVE Goodwill!
  • Abby used the word cattywampus the other day when referring to her bed and it made me smile~true southern girl:) Made me proud.
  • My book study starts back on Thursday and I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. In fact, I thought it started this past Thursday and was quite disappointed that it didn't.
  • The ladies of our church had a tea at this mansion and it was wonderful. My friend, Carol and I hosted a table and we used a Japanese tea theme. My sister was a guest at our table and I am so glad she came.
  • Am I the only one that has been considerably frustrated with driving lately? A guy pulled out in front of me today and then yelled at ME. Excuse me?
  • Did I mention I love Goodwill? Oh, well~it bears repeating.
  • I HATE wrestling and to my chagrin my girls love it. Thank you, dear hubby:)
  • If I could I would rip up the carpet in my living room, take it outside, and set it on fire. Seriously! I would. I can't stand it. For real.
  • Much to my family's chagrin I could eat hummus EVERY. DAY.
That is all. 300 posts done~Woo-hoo!


rmslil said...

i COULD eat hummus everyday too!

MamaArcher said...

Congrats on your 300th post!

I didn't realize you were coming to Alaska! We live here you know. I am glad that you had a good vacation, I was looking at your photos and we know where alot of those places are (been there).

Hope all continues to go well!