Monday, August 31, 2009


Tuesday, July 28,2009

The girls went over to a friend's house, Anali. Mike and I just stayed around the RV and rest. I caught up our travel journal and Mike looked at all the Alaska magazines we had.

Mike made me take this picture on the side of the road.
If you can't read it, it says "Ted Nugent United Sportsman of America"

Musk ox are native to Alaska.

Mike, Abby, and Shelby outside of the Sportsmans Warehouse.
It was kind of like Bass Pro Shops.

Wednesday, July 29,2009
On this day we went to Pioneer Park.

Abby goofing off in the wheel house of a ferry.

One of the first churches in Fairbanks.

Needs no explanation~I wouldn't have one anyway:)
One of the first houses in Fairbanks

These are only a few of the beautiful flowers we saw at Pioneer Park

Abby took these pictures.

This is where a radio station is broadcast in North Pole.
KJNP~King Jesus North Pole
As you can see the roof is made of sod.

This is a cache where you would have to put your provisions
to keep it away from bears and other wild animals.

These buildings were lovely.

Here is Abby, Shelby, and Pastor Ron doing what the girls loved to do best~ride the 4 wheeler.


JDs said...

Loving all of the pictures!! It helps to not feel so far away.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't left a message sooner. We loved the pictures and the reading also. We miss you can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving.
Love Mom and Dad