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Saturday, July 25, 2009
Abby and I woke up fairly early. I was surprised because the day before was so long. She and I started putting away our clothes and straightened up. Mrs. Janice had invited me to breakfast the night before. Some of the women from the church get together at a restaurant called Dalmans every Saturday morning at 10:30. The restaurant is family owned and the food was delicious! When we got home we sat around getting to know the Wallaces and the girls watched TV:) After a while we made a trip into Fairbanks to the Wal-marts to get some supplies.
This is a picture of the road going to the Wallace's house. The road they live on is a dirt road. Look at that beautiful sky!!!!!

We had Great Alaskan Pizza Company for supper. It was nice to just sit around, relax and enjoy the company.
Shelby and Abby waiting to go to church with their dolls that Mrs. Janice bought them.

Sunday, July 26, 2009
All of us were excited to go to church. We couldn't wait to meet the people there. They were all so friendly and inviting. The service was great and we felt right at home. The girls loved meeting another little girl named Anali. After church we ate at the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant. It was incredible! There was a ton of food. The girls got the Pu-pu Platter and they thought that was hilarious. When it came out there was fire coming out of the top. I wish I had gotten a picture of their faces because they were so fascinated. We got a chance to get to know a woman from the church named Penny. She said that one time while they were at the restaurant there was an earthquake and the place was swaying and rolling. (Alaska has a lot of earthquakes) Everyone else went outside and they just stayed at their table eating and watching the chandeliers swing back and forth.

After lunch we went back to the RV to rest. Around 4:00 we got ready and started the drive to Chena Hot Springs. The drive was beautiful.

The top picture is a Bull Moose that is hardly ever seen out in the open. The bottom picture is a Cow Moose which are more easily seen in the open. For one thing the Bull Moose are hunted so they stay under cover. We were fortunate to get to see the Bull Moose and it was very exciting.

The Hot Springs was real cool because the water coming out was HOT, I mean HHHOOOTTT!!!!, like coming out of your faucet and scalding you hot~well, maybe not that hot~ but it was hot~believe me. Pastor Ron said that a lot of Japanese people come to the Hot Springs in the winter because of the Northern Lights. It is told that if they conceive a child under the northern lights the baby will be a boy.

These are Moose racks, lots of them!

Monday, July 27, 2009
We had to go to Sam's Club in Fairbanks because I lost my meds in Cincy while we were at convention (or so I thought, when we got home they had been on the dining room table the whole time~I told y'all I was frazzled) So this was the first adventure on our own. Armed with a map and a prayer we headed for the highway. Thankfully, it wasn't hard to find. We are lunch at Sam's. Mike got a Reindeer Dog. The girls and I played it safe and got regular hotdogs:) He let me take a bite and it was good~a little spicy but good. They carried things conducive to the area like cans for canning salmon, lots of outdoor gear, and lots of things to use for preserving meat (ex~jerky makers, smokers, meat grinders, etc.)

Pastor Ron cooked supper for us almost every night. He is a good cook. This night we had caribou and it was very tasty. I really liked the flavor. We had ice cream after dinner and just hung out~talking and having a good time.

I have other pictures but I couldn't get them to upload~maybe I can later:(

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rmslil said...

Just enough of your trip to make me want more. The pics are beautiful. I am going to start saving my coins now so I will have plenty saved up to go visit you if this is where God leads you.

Though I dont think I will be so eager to eat the reindeer dog and might have to think hard on the caribou... though I have had buffalo, alligator and deer.