Friday, April 17, 2009

WOW.....I lied!

I told you I would be back and I meant to be back sooner.

Ahh, well, let's start afresh, shall we?

Since my last post I had my 36th birthday.

I can't believe I am sliding down the hill to... to....

Oh my, I can't even type it:~)

My husband took me to our favorite restaurant.

The non-chain restaurant, you know, the kind where the waiters have the little thing that they scrape the bread crumbs off of the REAL tablecloth, where there is live jazz, and the chef comes to your table to see if you are enjoying your meal.


We also had the one year anniversary of Mike's accident which was on the same day as my birthday so I guess it was a double celebration.

I spent the days leading up to April 9th reflecting on what has happened over the last year. I'll be honest I was REAL emotional all week.

The girls and I drove down the road that the accident the Tuesday before the 9th and all I could do was cry and praise the Lord that He did not choose to take Mike that day.

I know that He sustained us then like He does every day. When I think about the days in the hospital I know that He was there and He sent others.

We had so many prayers going up in our behalf and we felt them. We had many visitors and calls. We had people give to us in amazing ways. God provided as only He can and He used His people to do it.

And I would love to put here that I had the best attitude in the world during this ordeal but the truth is there were many moments of doubt, anger, self~pity, fear, anxiety, and more.

I remember asking my sister to bring me a Bible and I read it some but not everyday. I remember praying some but some days I could hardly put two words together to tell the Lord how I was feeling.

I remember feeling helpless to ease my husband's pain. I knew that I could do nothing for him but ask people to pray and pray myself.

I remember him try to move from the bed to the wheelchair and seeing him just cry because he could not physically do what they were asking him to do.

I remember visitors coming in and asking how we were doing and just verbally vomiting all the frustration on them~they took it all and smiled. (I don't think any of them hold it against me~they all still speak to me:~)

I remember the calls from my friends back home and doing the same to them.

I look back and feel sorry for all of them because they surely felt just as helpless as I did. They could not do anything to help the situation but pray.

And I know that they did because that is how we made it.

God answered prayers and I know that He has used that accident for His glory.

Life is hard but the Rock is harder.

The Solid Rock.

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Jessie said...

I praise the Lord with you sister! I am so glad the we serve a Lord that will carry us through to the other side. We love you!