Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am a little late with the Valentine wishes. I hope everyone had a good one.

We went out of town to meet Mike's parents. It was a good, laid back weekend.

The girls were so excited that we stayed in a hotel that had an indoor pool.

Trevor's girlfriend, Jessie, was supposed to come with us but she didn't get to go because she wasn't feeling well. We were disappointed about that.

Mike got me a book for Valentines Day and he made me a card.

Funny story about the book: He got it from the college library. He said that he had looked at it over the last couple of weeks and decided to go ahead and get it for me. He had NO idea that I had requested a cookbook from the public library by the exact same author. It has been on hold for awhile because I think there is only one of them in circulation.

My baby knows me!!:~)

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