Tuesday, January 6, 2009


That's how long it is until Trevor graduates high school.

Hello??? Are you hearing me???


I am in utter shock.

He and I were talking on my bed last night~you know, the kind of talk where you talk about everything and it's so smooth and easy.

We talked about what he plans to do in the fall~school and work.

We talked about how his relationships with his dad and I and the girls will change. Not in a bad way~it will just be different.

We talked about how is turning into a man and making hard decisions.

We talked about his relationship with the Lord and what kind of person he wants to be in Christ.

We talked about things I won't post here because they are personal and are things just between him, me, and his Dad.

One other thing that we talked about was how his Dad has always put us first~above work, above play, above others (including extended family). We have always known we were first. Even when it was just the three of us for those nine years before Shelby came along.

I told Trevor that we have made so many mistakes with him. He was our first and we were young. He knows we aren't perfect and never will be. He knows that once Mike is done with school we may be called to move some where to minister that isn't in Tennessee or Virginia:~)

He is a bird getting ready to fly from the nest. He is a young man with a kind heart. He is our son and we love him so much.


Theresa said...

Are you trying to make me cry? I can't believe that he is 4 months away from this monumental occasion! Wow...where has the time gone? I can close my eyes and see him on my couch when he was 4!Personally, I think you and Mike have done an awesome job, just so you know.

Jessie said...

And he will be such a wonderful husband and father someday if the Lord calls him to be such. He has had wonderful, godly parents that have led him in the ways of the Lord. You've both done great!