Saturday, October 11, 2008


Our weather was beautiful today! It was a perfect day for doing things outside.

We cleaned some in the garage.

Mike stained a desk we've had forever. It looks like he brought it back to life. I love it!

He painted an old plastic urn that I found at the church Wednesday night. See, our Sunday School class had a table in it with junk on it AND a hideous plastic tablecloth.

When I went to Goodwill a few weeks ago I found a "tablecloth" that would look perfect on that table. The reason tablecloth is in quotes is it's original life was a shower curtain.

So what!! It was the perfect color to accent our chocolate walls. Well, actually they are beige on top and half way down they are chocolate with a border around it.

Anyhoo, then I found some other things at Goodwill to spruce up the table to make it look better.

Can everyone say Goodwill is our friend?

The urn was just UGLY so Mike painted it black for me and I bought some eucalyptus and wooden thingys at Michaels to go in it. It turned out perfect!!

I used my 40% off coupon.(Love those things!) So, basically between Goodwill and coupons we spiffed up our SS room for around $10.

Now I don't have to stare at that tablecloth on Sunday mornings,willing it to disappear. Especially when we have visitors.

I always think~they probably think we LIKE that hideous thing!!

I'll try to take pictures tomorrow so you can see how pretty it is. Unless we have visitors~~I don't want them to think I'm weird or something~not on their first Sunday anyway:~)

Too bad I don't have before pictures so you can see for yourself the ugliness I've had to endure.

Oh the humanity!

Goodnight all!
Have a great Sunday.


rmslil said...

You sound as excited as we were when we spruced up our Young Adult Sunday School room. We had blue paint donated and changed those 1950 white walls to light blue and had $1 lighthouse border. It is beautiful and cost little.


Jessie said...

Sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see some pics. Hope you hade a great weekend. Love ya!