Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Before I run out the door to take Trev to bass class I wanted to blog some quick thoughts:
  • I am so glad it is fall and the weather is mild. I love fall mornings.
  • I am really loving the Bible Study~Stepping Up by Beth Moore. It makes me think more and dig deeper.
  • I have also enjoyed a Book Study I am doing at the Bible College~ it is geared toward minister's wives and the book is a real, where I am at book. Love it! (I'm not going to share the title yet cause I have something up my sleeve.
  • LOVE Goodwill!!! Best deals!!
  • I love the women at my church. They are always looking for ways to reach out to the community and they stretch me in the most blessed ways. Love ya'll!!
  • Mike's car has bit the dust~REALLY bit the dust~as in we went to pick it up from the shop because they couldn't fix it without, ohh a bazillion dollars~and the thing wouldn't start! It'll have to be towed home from the shop~now isn't that a hoot:~) Thankfully we have another vehicle that runs and we can share it with only a few adjustments in schedules.
Blessings, pure and simple!!

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Jessie said...

Thanks for the updates. Sorry about the car. We have soooo been there. Thank the Lord for second vehicles! Love ya sis!