Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Abby with her newly purchased fan on her first day of enrichment class.

Shelby on her first day.

The new building for Shelby and Trevor's music school. This is the library.

This is the beautiful performance hall. The lights were off but you can see how pretty and big it is. I love it!!

The waiting area. It is so much more luxurious than the hand me down couches we have sat on in a tiny room for 4 years at the old school:~)

The reception desk~~no more signing in at a table in a tiny corner of above mentioned room.

This building made me cry the first time I saw it at the open house. It is so wonderful to see an organization that works so hard to provide music lessons for students that would otherwise not be able to afford them get to enjoy such a beautiful facility after years of being crammed into two very old houses. (sorry for the run on sentence~~I can't help it:~) They deserve this and more.

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Jessie said...

They are so sweet. Love the pics of Mike and Trev too! I am so glad that the kids get an oppurtunity to learn music in such a wonderful facility!

Good to talk to you too.. love ya!