Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We celebrated our anniversary last night and it was so fun!!

We went to this restaurant and ate like kings!! Kings, I tell you!! This is not your typical chain restaurant. It is a Cajun place from N'awlins and it was AWESOME!!!

We started out with homemade bread and 4 different kinds of butter. There was alligator, garlic, strawberry, and regular butter. After that we had fried green tomatoes with crawfish and cheese on top. Then came the salad with the Creole vinegarette. OH MY WORD!!
Then the main course~Mike had a filet mignon and lobster tail rock~that is lobster tail and steak stacked on top of each other with veggies on the bottom. I had blackened prime rib with crab meat on top and a twice baked potato~~my mouth is watering just from typing all this out!!!

It was the best. It isn't a place we could go to every week but it is a special place that we could go to every once in a while. Oh and did I mention the live jazz music!!

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Jessie said...

love the picture! happy belated anniversary (again)! jeremy and i are still have no kids till tommorrow. it's been weird but we have definely enjoyed it. we're ready for them to come home though. i go to the dr wed for an ultrasound so i'll let you know if it's a nephew or niece. (all the insurance stuff is done, praise the Lord. thanks for your prayers!)love you!