Saturday, August 30, 2008

L H on the P

After yesterday's post it would seem we are trying to recreate Little House on the Prairie because today we had to wash the dishes outside~~No Kidding!! Seriously. Due to an unforeseen plumbing problem we are stuck without proper drainage from the sinks and tub until Monday or Tuesday. Since Monday is a holiday I am betting it will be Tuesday. So we are roughing it. (I just heard Shelby say to Abby as they are getting ready for bed, "Let's do it like the people in the olden days. They just washed their faces but on their pjs and went to bed.") Thankfully there is nothing wrong with the drainage of the toilet or a hotel room would be the order of the day!!

Here is Abby carrying the water for rinsing.

Mike drying the dishes sitting on the patio:~)

I was doing the washing and Shelby helped with the rinsing. Yes, that is my dish drain. Ya know the old saying~When life hands you lemons~wash your dishes on the patio:~)

Where is Trevor? Glad you asked~he is the one taking the pictures. He didn't think this little adventure was all that adventurous.

Showers are another story~~no pictures for that!! Just know we are getting clean the old fashioned way~~whatever that means:~)

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Anonymous said...

I guess you can say you are camping but with the comforts of your own bed and a tv. Sorry for your troubles,