Monday, July 14, 2008


Went to a Birthday party at our friend's house for their daughter. She is turning 16 this week. It was a blast. All the kids got wet and some of the adults-ahem. They did a great job with her party, lots of food and fun.

Church and spaghetti dinner to raise money for the kids that are competing at the Nationals next week. Shelby and Trevor helped serve because they are competing. We will be leaving on Sunday for Charleston, WV and the kids will be competing on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday will be the awards ceremony.

Today, Trevor went to talk to his new, old boss and get his new uniform. Let me explain about the new, old thing. Robert was Trevor's first boss at Chickfila until he got a free standing store about a year after Trevor started working for him. He has been pursuing Trev since he finished out at the other CFA. He is starting Trev out 75 cents more than he was making.

Needless to say, Trevor is glad to have a job again. He is not working this week or next, he will start the next week.

How was your weekend??

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Jessie said...

We're glad that Trevor got another job! Have fun at the Nationals and tell the kids we will be prayig for them. We are soo proud of them!Love you guys. We really enjoyed having you over.