Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We took the girls and got their haircut today. Shelby decided she wanted hers short for the summer and Abby needed a cut badly. They look so cute and they are FULL of themselves tonight. Every time they pass a mirror they have to take a look and run their hands through their hair. Take a look at these beauties:

Mike goes to the doctor tomorrow and he has to be there at 7:30 a.m. 7:30 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!! That means we have to get up wwaaayyyy early to get the girls to my friend Ruthie's house and then get downtown AND did I mention that the CMA Music Fest (aka Fan Fair) starts tomorrow~~~~that means traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Oh well, maybe we will miss the traffic since we have to be there at the crack of dawn.

Pray that Mike gets a good report and he the cast on his arm gets taken off permanently. He wants them to tell him he can start putting weight on his legs. We'll see.


Theresa said...

Love the haircuts! The girls look thrilled! BTW, do you have a new email address? Mine is not working anymore. We are off to HS COnvention this weeknd, but I'll try to call next week.
Love you all. We will be praying tonight and tomorrow!

Jessie said...

Those girls are sooo sweet! Steven and Sam just got theirs cut. Steven wants his long so I compromised and just got it trimmed around his ears and out of his eyes. Am I at that age already?! Scary!

I'll give you a call later on today to see how things are going. Sorry for the lack of comments. I have not been on here in forever (as you can tell from my own blog)

Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the haircuts GIRLS. You both are beautiful.Jennifer Ican't to see you all. God is so great I thank him for my wonderful children and their spouses and the grandchildren they have. Love MOM