Saturday, April 5, 2008


My sister has hi-jacked my vacuum cleaner since she moved here last month. We have been making do with the Shark and it has brought out teamwork in the girls. One holds the vacuum while the other goes over the floor with the hose part.

I have no idea why Abby is wearing a bucket around her neck. It is funny though!

Mike is out of town on a preaching trip. It is just overnight but if you know us in real life you know Saturday night is sacred. It is the only night of the week Mike is home. All night. And we get to wake up together. Just one night a week. I am bummed that we will miss it this week but I know that it is good for him to go on these trips. Still, I will miss him tonight. And, yes, I typed that with a little tear in my eye.

I failed to mention another tidbit of info in my previous post. Not only did Mike make the Dean's List but he was also awarded a $1500 scholarship 2 weeks ago. He was so excited. Gosh, I love him. He is such a hard worker and I am honored to be his wife.

Hope ya'll are having a good weekend!!!


Jessie said...

What big girls they are! Tell Mike we said congrats again. Oh,and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great day!love ya


Julie said...

Hey!! Whatever happened to the "big secret" you couldn't tell??? Have you told and I missed it??? I need to know what it is! : )