Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm glad you asked!

We have been visiting with my dad, mom, and sister, playing in the snow, and taking our van to the shop.

We decided that right now the best way to be good stewards of our money was to take the van to get it fixed instead of buying another vehicle. The guy called earlier today and it was less than we thought it would be. That is always a pleasant surprise.

I was catching up on posts over on my SIL's blog and busting up!! I was not laughing because my brother got hurt~I was laughing because that sounds like something Mike and I would do:~)
In fact, when he has used a saw like that I could just imagine all the horrible things that could go wrong using that thing.

I was tagged by Sherry over at largefamilymothering. So here goes~

7 random things about me~

1. I hate mopping the floors~in fact, I put it off as long as I can. I try to sweep everyday but I hate to mop.

2. I love, yes I said love, going to the dentist. I find it very relaxing.

3. I have three plants that I have kept alive for over a year and a half. A record for me. I am a plant killer~maybe I'm reformed now. Maybe.

4. I wear a blue stretchy band on my right wrist to remind me of a commitment I made to the Lord.

5. I love to cook and I enjoyed cooking for my family this week.

6. I use to dislike staying at home and slowly my attitude really changed as the Lord showed me what a blessing it is.

7. I am almost the parent of 17 year old and then one more year til 18. Where did my baby boy go??? I know this has been said a bazillion times but where did the time go????

I am tagging:
1. Jessie
2. Theresa
3. Becky
4. Julie

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suzof7 said...

I was tagged by LOV-ie, too! I just wanted to stop by and say hello!

Anonymous said...

Where the heck have you been again this week?


Jessie said...

I was thinking the same thing!

*carrie* said...

I cannot believe you think it's relaxing to go to the dentist. Yikes! Fun list.

Theresa said...

I can't follow all those directions! I'm going to blame it on my working memory!

I still love you, and hope you still love me for not following the directions!