Monday, March 3, 2008


OH MY WORD!! The weather here is making me have spring fever!!! We have been more outside the past two days than the whole month of February combined.

We are having Bible conference at the college this week. We went last night and this morning. The sermons have been great and the workshops are very helpful.

The workshop Mike and I decided to go to this morning was "Families in Crisis: When Trauma Strikes". The teacher, Edward Moody, Jr., has just published a new book, "First Aid for Emotional Hurts". I recommend this book to have if you are in ministry. It has practical advice to help people who are hurting.

The 11 o'clock service was powerful. Dr. Garnett Reid talked about "How to be a God empowered leader." It was challenging and insightful. I am so thankful for the speakers that study and bring a fresh voice to the scripture. I am also thankful for wonderful Christian fellowship that we have experienced over the last couple of days.

We have had problems with our van since the beginning of January and now the vehicle we have been relying on is acting up. It is aggravating at best. We missed a wedding on Saturday because we didn't want to get that far from home in case the car decided to die. Bummer!! We are asking God to show us how to be good stewards~should we look for another vehicle? or would it be advantageous to get them both fixed or one fixed?~which one?~ see we have a lot of questions.


Theresa said...

It has been very beautiful here too! I even pushed the kids outside yesterday and didn't have school. I felt bad at first, but reminded myself that we've been stuck in the house all winter! I'm glad you guys heard "new words" this week. We go this weekend to a retreat as well. I can't wait to hear what the Lord is going to show us.
Love you! Theresa

*carrie* said...


You may have seen on Monica's blog that we picked daffodils on Saturday--it was so nice to be outside! Especially since I came home to piles of snow!