Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have blogged twice in a week!! Can you believe it??

It has been one adventurous week to say the least. I could tell you some good stories. One of which is very cool and I will be sharing that one soon:~)

Mike had his birthday on Saturday. He is now 35 yrs old. I feel so blessed to have shared so many birthdays with him.

We had an Easter egg hunt at church after our soccer games on Saturday but my girls only got one egg between them because Abby's game ran long. There was a little weeping but we were able to distract them with promises of candy the next day. One of their little friends shared her eggs with them so that also dried some tears.

Sunday was busy as usual. We had an early service, then breakfast, and then another service. Everything went well but we were tired when we got home. We all crashed for a couple of hours
before we ate Lupper. That is what we call the meal we eat around 3pm to 4 pm. It is a combination between lunch and supper. Pretty funny, huh?

I will upload pictures later.

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Jessie said...

We have those on Sundays too. Usually the kids have cereal for supper :)