Saturday, February 16, 2008


Although Alabama is not my home we will be visiting her today:~)

Mike is going down to preach at his professor's church. We are also going to visit the Space Center thingy down in Huntsville. You know what that means, we are counting this day as a school day!!(Jessie, Theresa, and Julie~you all are feeling me on this one, aren't you?)

So, I will be out of town the rest of the weekend but pictures will be forthcoming on Monday.

One more quick note~ my sister is visiting for the week and we went out last night and had ourselves some girl time. I took her to some really swanky stores that we could hardly afford to buy a pencil in:~) We had a good time and ate burgers and fries.

Oh, and one more thing, the secret just can't be let out yet. (Becky~I told said person that you guessed so you are off the hook for knowing~~but keep it under your hat!! SSHHHH!!!!)


Anonymous said...

What, it's a secret? Oops, I announced it on the news last night. LOL!


Jessie said...

Not yet?! Man, this is torture! Well, in due time. Anyway, have fun at "school" :)I'm glad that you and your sis could have some girl time. That is always so much fun!